Robust engineered blockchain solutions for gaming demands

Build Games

Developers can gain funding through gamers who purchase PLF and invest in their games. Investors get exclusive access to the beta version of the game before the public release.

Play Games

Players acquire premium and exclusive perks using PlayFuel tokens. Items, upgrades, and other in-game purchases can be bought in the in-game item market without hassle!

Mine as You Play

Once the game is ready, players can indulge their experience more by earning PLF tokens as they level up in the game. The longer you play, the greater incentives you can get!

Promote Products

Partner merchants can easily promote their gaming-related products in a cost-effective way. Developers and merchants can collaborate for in-game advertising opportunities.

Refer Games

Join, play, and share the game! Refer your preferred blockchain game to others and earn PLF tokens. Both existing players and referred users can benefit from this system.

Ensure Data Security

At PlayFuel, unhackable data and item ownership are guaranteed through blockchain. Duplication or cloning of games/ items and data breaches are being avoided at all costs.


Introducing an innovative offering unto the gaming community

What is PlayFuel

PlayFuel leverages blockchain technology to enhance the gaming world. We are creating a platform that allows developers to earn funding by integrating PlayFuel into their games and allowing players to mine PLF tokens while playing.

PlayFuel Gaming Mainnet

PlayFuel is a crypto gaming platform initially built on the Ethereum network, but it will eventually migrate to its own mainnet. We will offer an environment that caters to the high technical demands of gamers, developers, and game investors.


Tapping the booming global games market

Global Gaming Industry

The online gaming industry is on fire and has risen significantly. Gamers nowadays don't just sit in their basement to play console games. They want online mobile games, and developers nowadays have been focusing on providing gamers a better experience by designing high-end graphic games that can conveniently be downloaded on the Google Play and iOS App stores. The PlayFuel Team sees this as an opportunity to target the growing global gaming market as we aim to connect blockchain with the gaming industry.

Gaming Market

From the billion-dollar gaming industry, PlayFuel has explored various market opportunities that can be addressed through blockchain technology. In the gaming community, gamers, developers, merchants, and influencers are the main parties involved. Gamers lack opportunities to earn while playing while developers need assistance for budget acquisition. On the other hand, merchants want in-game advertising prospects and influencers desire more revenue channels to prosper their engagement with the audience.

Who will benefit

Targeting the community for a sustainable gaming ecosystem


Through PlayFuel, players can enjoy playing and earning PLF token while they immerse themselves in the world of blockchain gaming. Gamers will also be able to mine while they play.


Developers can gain funding from gamers who purchase PLF and invest in their games. As for the perks, developers can provide investors with rare sellable items and beta testing access.


Within the PlayFuel innovative ecosystem, game influencers can easily monetize their followers through a set referral system that generates an ongoing revenue stream for every lead.


Merchants will benefit from a modern platform where they can upload their decentralized games and take advantage of the exposure already achieved by PLF to reach a larger audience.

Game Marketplace

After presenting a prototype version of a game, developers can market it with the investors, professional gamers, influencers, and merchants who are part of the PlayFuel ecosystem.

In-Game Market

Gamer assets introduced by gaming developers will only be available for purchase using PlayFuel-based tokens. In this way, players can buy and sell items with zero risks.


An established blockchain-powered grounds for games and rewards


The game masters that make it all happen

Allen R. Weiss


Allen currently serves as the Non-Executive Chairman of PlayFuel. As a former part-time operating partner at Apollo Capital Management, Allen has been involved with numerous acquisition projects. He has successfully been involved with the acquisition and sale of Great Wolf Resorts and the acquisition of Chuck E Cheese entertainment, ClubCorp and Diamond Resorts International. Due to his direct involvement in the abovementioned acquisitions, he earned a seat in the Board of Directors of these companies. He was also a part of the Board of Directors for Alticor (Amway) and Dick’s Sporting Goods. For Great Wolf Resorts, he served as Chairman of the Board and later as the Executive Chairman. Allen has established his career with Disney for 39 years. His last position was President of Worldwide Operations for Disney’s $10 billion Walt Disney Parks and Resorts business. His leadership role has gone beyond the field of entertainment and hospitality. He served in the Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission Governor’s Council and has been a National Board Member of the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute. The U.S. Commerce Secretary also appointed Allen as a founding member of the Corporation for Travel Promotion Board of Directors. In 2005, Allen was named “Most Influential Businessman in Central Florida” by the Orlando Business Journal.

Allen currently serves as the Non-Executive Chairman of PlayFuel. As a former part-time operating partner at Apollo Capital Management, Allen has been involved with numerous acquisition projects. He has successfully been involved with the acquisition and sale of Great Wolf Resorts and the acquisition of Chuck E Cheese entertainment, ClubCorp and Diamond Resorts International.

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Awais Sakhi


Awais leads the PlayFuel team in strategic implementation. With a career in the programming of large-scale IT solutions, Awais is a proven IT expert. He has proficiency in C++, Solidity, Python, and JAVA. He turned his passion for blockchain into a professional calling.



G.W holds the responsibility of strategic planning and business development of PlayFuel. Also designated as the TNC IT Group CSO and ABBC CSO, he has gained extensive experience in handling cryptocurrency and blockchain-focused companies.

Shahul Hameed


Shahul has skills in developing successful strategies that can drive revenue, infuse deep analytics, build high performance teams and create effective marketing ecosystems. He works alongside our Chief Executive Officer in building PlayFuel’s brand reputation.


Hamza Faisal

Blockchain Developer

Hamza is a detail-savvy Blockchain Developer who has many years of experience working for various companies. He helps PlayFuel in dealing with all intricate details to help it run like a well-oiled machine. He knows a number of programming languages including Solidity and C++.

Djamal Gasanov

Blockchain Developer

Djamal Gasanov is a tech-oriented individual with a demonstrated history of working within the outsourcing industry. He developed a deep understanding of various blockchain platforms and learned to grasp programming languages such as C++, Python, Java, and Solidity.

Raja Sekar

Blockchain Developer

Raja Sekar is a forward-looking developer that strived to develop his technical and analytical skills to assist in building blockchain-based solutions. At PlayFuel, he focuses on reviewing the technical design and maintaining the overall blockchain architecture.

Saqib Altaf

Blockchain Developer

Saqib Altaf is a Blockchain Developer who is proficient in Solidity and JavaScript languages. Before learning blockchain programming, he previously worked as a Mean Stack Developer at ArhamSoft Ltd. and Ideofuzion, as well as a React Developer at LEADCONCEPT LTD.

Ernis Aidaraliev

Blockchain Developer

Ernis joined the PlayFuel team after gaining expertise in software design, operating architecture integration, and computer programming languages. He is responsible for developing front-end designs and monitoring of smart contracts within the network.

Maria Joanah Fe Romarate

Blockchain Developer

Maria Joanah holds exceptional skills in blockchain development. With overseas experience in creating and maintaining blockchain systems for various companies, she has sharpened her skills in various programming languages such as JavaScript, C++, and Solidity.

Aniss Haider

Blockchain Developer

Aniss is a highly-motivated blockchain developer that has been working on custom blockchain solutions for global clients in a span of 3 years. He is exposed in handling codebases, blockchains, and libraries as well as a firm understanding of Solidity.

Sohaib Malik

Blockchain Developer

Sohaib has been dealing with back-end blockchain functionality for over 2 years. He is equipped with advanced technical skills in Solidity, React, and NodeJS programming. He leverages his experience in blockchain system architectures for PlayFuel's gaming mainnet.

Alexei Tershukov

Full Stack Developer

Alexei is a motivated full stack developer that has over 3 years of experience within gaming companies. He has proven knowledge of multiple front-end and back-end languages. He also has familiarity with databases (MySQL, MongoDB), web servers and UI/UX designs.

Daniel Karikari

Android Application Developer

Daniel is an expert in designing and building applications for devices that are powered by the Android operating system. He holds exceptional knowledge in fixing various bugs and performs frequent tests to ensure usability, robustness, and edge cases for Android devices.

Ihsan Ullah

IOS Developer

Ihsan is a Software Engineer who specializes in iOS development. He is rather well-experienced in the said specialization, as he previously rendered the same services to a number of tech companies such as AirCod Technologies, Securehops, and HTML Pro in Pakistan.

Sadaqat Ali

Front-End Developer


Sadaqat Ali is a skilled Front-End Developer who works enthusiastically with all fellow developers of the platform's entire IT division. He has extensive knowledge of the fastest and widely-used programming languages, including JavaScript, HTML, PHP, and React.

Mariz San Juan

IOS Developer

Mariz is a virtual gaming enthusiast that has been working as an iOS Developer for almost 5 years now. She is adept in designing and building applications for Apple devices, ensuring a smooth UI/UX interface, fixing application bugs, and maintaining back-end codes.

Sugumoorthy P

3D Visualizer/Designer

Sugumoorthy is a veteran 3D Animator and VFX artist who leads PlayFuel’s in-game interface standards. He has over 7 years of experience in social media design, corporate branding, video production, and tech-inclined websites.


Vaishali Thanabalan

SEO & SEM Specialist

Vaishaali is an expert in Google Adwords, Search Ads 360, and Facebook Business Manager consoles. She has over 2 years of professional experience in SEO and SEM. She specializes in writing effective SEO content for blogs, websites, and social media accounts.

Alliana Barcheta

Marketing Specialist

Alliana is a dynamic individual with strong project management skills and great attention to detail. At PlayFuel, she is tasked to provide recommendations for strategic initiatives through competitive and financial analysis within the gaming industry.

Afshan Firdose

Marketing Specialist

With many years of professional marketing experience, Afshan supports the PlayFuel marketing team with its activities by demonstrating expertise in various areas such as advertising, social media, digital marketing, and event planning.

Jenny Estrella

Marketing Specialist

Jenny worked in various Marketing departments for over 5 years. With her wit, creativity, and confidence, she will assist in PlayFuel’s campaigns and other promotional activities. She is passionate about gaming, advertising, market research, and sales production.

Sulman Malik

Marketing Specialist

Sulman is a veteran in the field of brand and digital marketing. He has executed and monitored various cross-platform strategies that reached his previous client's target market. At PlayFuel, he will focus on developing fresh ideas for creative campaigns suitable for gaming.

Aqib Malik

Marketing Specialist

Aqib has always been fascinated by the world of gaming and marketing. He has worked on brand awareness and brand promotion for gaming companies.

Rohit Mohan

PR & Media Relations

Rohit is a versatile communications specialist with over 3 years of experience. He ensures that the Press Release and Media relations of PlayFuel is kept at best by enriching the company’s voice, presence, and brand throughout online and offline channels.

Marites Umali

Customer Support Representative

Marites is a skilled Customer Support Specialist with many years of experience. She is adept at addressing customer queries and is quick to provide rapid and appropriate responses. She always delivers outstanding services to PlayFuel customers.

Kim Arnel Camacho

Customer Support Representative

Kim assists PlayFuel users with all of their concerns pertaining to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. He is an excellent communicator who has demonstrated strong leadership and interpersonal skills. He is also competent in email response and report-writing.

Princess Edilyn Garate

Customer Support Representative

Princess has previously worked as a Customer Service Representative and Teller at Metrobank Inc. for 3 years. With this experience, she gained extensive knowledge of cross-selling products and services and developed impeccable phone etiquette. She will now assist PlayFuel users.


Jason Paul Philip

Financial Advisor

Jason is the Founder and CEO of the ABBC Foundation. His proven leadership has led the company through its success in the cryptocurrency world. He is a highly-skilled full-stack blockchain developer that already worn many C-level roles throughout his career.

Stanley Park

Mainnet Development Advisor

Stanley is the CEO of He has a proven track record in handling successful fintech ventures by being the CEO of Neowiz, Nexon Portal Department Head, and CEO of Ubifun. He offers insights on PlayFuel’s mainnet development.

Ron Lim

Listing Advisor

Ron is the CEO of ADN Coin, a blockchain company that aims to protect the ICO investors. He has taken leadership roles in the fintech sector and gained expertise in handling crypto projects. He will be focusing on offering guidance in line with PlayFuel’s exchange listings.

Jason Jang

Marketing Advisor

Jason serves as the Executive Director of TNC IT Solutions Group. He has gained expertise on blockchain, coin development planning, and ICO processing, among others. He is also part of the C-level executive board of PAYX Foundation and Deboot Blockchain Consulting and Media

Naveed Ali Mian

Marketing Advisor

Naveed currently hold the title Production Director of Bitstorm Exchange. With 8 years of professional experience, he is equipped with technical, design, digital marketing, and entrepreneurial skills. He is an aficionado of the latest gaming innovations and trends in the market.

Zeeshan Javeed

Technical Advisor

Zeeshan currently holds the position of Chief Architect at Bitstorm Exchange. He has 4 years of technical experience in software, Android application, Software Engineer and blockchain development. He is also proficient in using various programming languages for his projects.

Kazuhisa Sakamoto

Mainnet Development Advisor

Kazuhisa is currently the CEO of Kazu Consulting Group and a member of the Parliamentary Blockchain and Crypto Research Group and serves as an Executive Honorable Advisor for Japan Mabuhay Club in the Philippines. He also took the role of assistant to the Chairman of Kyoto Protocol.

Our Blockchain Partners

Our guild in building an unparalleled gaming world


Building rapport in the battle grounds

Redefining Crypto Asset Security

Aladdin Wallet is a multi-account and non-custodial wallet. It allows users to send, receive and stake their crypto conveniently and securely. Meanwhile Aladdin Pro Wallet gives multi-playered protection with maximum security and transparency at its core.

Seamless Crypto Transactions

Aladdin Pro Wallet gives multi-layered protection with maximum security and transparency. It is a multi-asset wallet incorporating high-level encryption for transactions. It provides seamless and secure transfers bringing enterprise-grade functionality to the public.

Global Online Shopping Experience

Coming Soon! Buyaladdin is an online shopping marketplace application that features 100+ online stores from across the globe. It’s a USA-based platform with a goal of bringing the best online shopping experience to the users within a single platform.

One-Stop Market Research Platform

Tokenncoin is a leading crypto market research platform that offers accurate and real-time information on cryptocurrency data. It offers many features including ICOs, rankings, coin compare, watchlist, crypto news, and events.


The PlayFuel Whitepaper summarizes the concepts and technicalities behind the innovation that would bring the power of the blockchain technology to the gaming world.